Monday, August 24, 2015

You Can Tell Your Plants How to Grow

It is within your capability to direct how your plants should grow. During the vegetative stage of growth, plant cells normally produce vegetative plant parts. It takes less energy for them to do so. This is within their natural DNA rhythm. Therefore, the hormonal applications made to plants during the vegetative stage of growth should be made at a lower rate than those during the reproductive stage of growth. It takes less hormonal cell signaling to grow vegetative parts than it does reproductive parts. Foliar application of Stimulate™ Yield Enhancer during the vegetative growth stage should be less than 4 oz/A for each application. This should be an adequate amount unless the plant is under severe stress due to cell moisture or climatic conditions. Then the rate per application should be higher. It is during the early reproductive stage of growth that you want to change the plant cells to produce reproductive cells rather than vegetative cells, so the amount of Stimulate Yield Enhancer applied should be at higher amounts. It is during the time of flowering and pollination that the application rate of Stimulate Yield Enhancer should be in excess of 4 oz/A. It takes more energy to grow reproductive plant cells than it does vegetative plant cells. Remember, Stimulate Yield Enhancer is a phytohormone. It is a hormone that signals the plant cells how to grow. By using Stimulate Yield Enhancer you will have greater control of the way your plant grows.

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