Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Insurgency: Advancing troops recover more villages

Military authorities yesterday disclosed that advancing troops prosecuting the war on terror along Banki axis in Borno State on Tuesday afternoon cleared more terrorist camps and captured weapons, flags and improvised explosives (IEDs) devices made at Jangolori and Bulaburma villages. The recovered items are a confirmation by earlier intelligence that the terrorists’ often used corrugated metal roofing sheets and bathroom slippers in making improvised explosive devices which affected troops’ advancements in the areas. A statement from Army headquarters said, “In addition, it is quite clear that the campaign against the terrorists is yielding the desired result because they are fast running out of arms, ammunitions and other logistics. “It is equally important to state and commend the synergy, intelligence and information sharing between our own forces and those of our neighbouring countries under the Multinational Joint Task Force. “Consequently, the troops are quite optimistic that the Boko Haram terrorists would be defeated very soon,’’ the statement read. “The Nigerian Army wishes to call on patriotic citizens to please continue to avail troops with information. Our collective effort will continue to lead to more successes until the terrorists are completely defeated. “We however wish to further state that as the terrorists are on the run, there is need for more vigilance and security consciousness among all. “Consequently, there is need for more alertness among all to pre-empt the terrorists and other criminal elements in the society”, the statement concluded.

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