Saturday, September 26, 2015

Monaco Yacht Show 2015: Forget the boat, here's the island you can sail

The world of yacht design has seen some pretty out-there concepts in recent years, But it's fairly safe to say that nothing comes close to the 80-meter-tall private floating island featuring a waterfall, shark feeding station, and two beach clubs.Perhaps most unbelievable of all, is that Kokomo is not beyond the realms of reality. In fact its designers, will be showcasing their plans at the Monaco Yacht Show this week, and have apparently already received "very strong" expressions of interest from clients across the world. We take a closer look at the jaw-dropping design.The fantastical vessel is yet to be given a price tag. But as the designs go on show besides multimillion dollar superyachts at this years Monaco Yacht Show, you can bet its going to be outside the budget of mere mortals.So what kind of person would actually buy a vessel like this? An open-minded, visionary owner, who wants to stick out of the mass with his unique design, said Managing Director, Christian Gumpold;They would be a real trendsetter and somebody who loves traveling long distances.

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