Friday, October 16, 2015

Nollywood changes entertainment landscape of Germany

History was recently made in Frankfurt, Germany at the just-concluded third edition of Nollywood Europe Golden Awards, NEGA, which is a platform designed to honour Nollywood stakeholders, stars, comedians, musicians (both in Africa and in the Diaspora) which has also been expanded to recognize the artistic bias of outstanding politicians and business men, whose actions have directly or indirectly impacted upon Nigerians worldwide and the industry in particular, thereby shaping what it has grown to become today. Nollywood Europe Golden Awards Gala Night, was the climax, heralding the closing ceremony of Nollywood Film Festival Germany – NFFG, a viable platform designed for Nollywood film makers to showcase their movies to Europeans and Nollywood fans in the Diaspora which held at the prestigious Filmforum Höchst VHS Cinema, Emmerich-Joselstr, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Describing the prestigious NEGA Award trophy on her Facebook timeline, one of the notable double-winner of this year’s awards, Senator of the United States of America, Senator Donzella James, Democratic Senator representing Metropolitan Atlanta’s 35th District of Georgia, wrote: “This is the most cherished award that I have ever received! The Nollywood European Golden Award, ‘the Mouthpiece for Voiceless Africans’ globally! I am humbled and truly honored!” Her Excellency, Senator Donzella James, was originally invited as Special Guest of Honour in recognition of what she does for the African people in the State that led to her being honoured by the Nigerian Community in the USA. But on a second thought, after a closer look at her blameless efforts in creating voice for the voiceless and less-privileged in her State and beyond, which led to her 2014 Friend Of Nigeria award from the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia, NWAG, and having Queen Blessing O. Itua a Nigerian, as Her International Liaison – Adviser, to name but a few, which are testaments of her love and support for the Nigerian people in particular and Africans in general, NEGA organizers were left with no other option than to surprise her with the prestigious award as a well-deserved winner of “Distinguished Mouth Piece Of The Voiceless Africans” with additional FESTAC head artifact that symbolizes Black freedom as Ehizoya’s first Highest Recognition Awards designed for very selected personalities with extraordinary track-record. Among those honoured at this year historic classic NEGA Awards gala-night are: The Edo State born USA-based Hollywood artiste, who is also an author, motivational speaker and the host of the gala-night, Queen Blessing O. Itua. The Hollywood actress / producer and of course, the International Liaison – Adviser to Senator Donzella James was awarded NEGA 2015 “Reputable Cross Cultural Actress”. Other big winners of the prestigious NEGA 2015 Awards are: Ime Bishop Umoh – “Best Comic Actor”, showstopper, Cossy Orjiako – “Distinctive Daring Actress” She has shattered records with a daring role in Nollywood’s blockbuster, Shattered Homes, Grand master comedian, Ereku Mofe aka Gandoki, awarded NEGA 2015 “Nigeria’s Most Creative Comedian”, Mr. Steve Olu, a trained Surveillance and Intelligence officer in Germany, manufacturer of sensitive camera that can film almost every impossible angles even under water by minimizing the rigorous filming risk in film making. – NEGA 2015 “NEGA Grand Innovation”, Mrs. Rosalyn Dressman, the President of African Union Tide e.V, also awarded NEGA 2015 “Grand Supporter of Nollywood in Germany”, Benjamin James, Former Stationary Store and Super Eagles player but now Bundesliga Junior Hoffenheim team coach – NEGA 2015 “Outstanding Diaspora Soccer Coach”, Victor Olusegun Akande, currently the Entertainment Editor at The Nation newspaper – NEGA 2015 “Distinguished Nollywood Critic” and the Art Editor of National Mirror newspaper, Mr. Emedolibe Ngozi Erasmus was also awarded “Outstanding Film art Critic of Nollywood”.

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