Friday, November 13, 2015

Young Boy From Enugu State Builds Aeroplane

Student builds plane 4
A young but talented boy from Enugu state has constructed an aeroplane with the help of locally sourced materials. Although the mini airplane has no engine, it looks like a real jet and even can contain two or three passengers. However, while some people really admire such young talents, others express scepticism.

 “Na wao… Can it fly? Cos aeroplane flies. Not putting metal together and giving it a shape of an
aeroplane then bringing it to public viewing..When will Nigeria stop feeding on carcass of western worlds? Still kudos to the boy,” Amdoyin wrote. “Great! Keep it up boy! If our country wants a future,they should pick boys like this and develop them immediately by sending them to abroad for further studies. This guy can begin building planes in the future for Nigerian Air plane Manufacturing Company N.A.M.C. I just coined that one!” Ideyontop noted. “High time all these things are discouraged. No matter how hard they try, the art of aircraft manufacturing is not a one man thing, it requires high tech brains.” “Maybe to join a toy-making company because that’s what I can see there. So many unknown people make toy cars, toy guns etc, so I don’t think this should be news. It’s not all about putting metals together and producing another toy; it’s about making something functional.

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