Friday, December 18, 2015


This video was released immediately after the Shiite clash with the military authority of Nigeria at Zaria Kaduna State.

That video clip is showing a telephone conversation between the Shiite group leader Ibrahim Zak Zaki and some foreign partners or sponsors, telling him to update them on every issue concerning the clash between them and Nigerian Military.

Many Muslims did not support this Shiite movement in Nigeria, they are threat to the government of Nigeria because of their IRAN link, Nigerians are afraid of this sect becoming or forming the next BOKO-HARAM version.

Nigerians are yet to understand the interest and benefit of IRAN towards this issue of Shiite and Nigerian Military, their links and contributions to Shiite group in Nigeria.

The way and manners in which the Shiite group are confronting the government of the day indirectly with much confidence, is becoming questionable, as if they are sponsored to do so. Nigerian government should rise and scatter this group on-time, to avoid any other sect spring up as terrorist.

For Shiite group to challenge the authority of Nigerian Military, this is a clear indication and dangerous signal showing signs of sponsorship by some foreign authorities yet to be identified.

The Shiite group leader Ibrahim Zak Zaki, is indirectly portraying the same attitude like the BOKO-HARAM leader Mohammed Yusuf, it started just like this and ended as a massive terrorist group in Nigeria.

The same Zak Zaki was jailed by Gen. Sani Abacha for three good years, and three of his sons where killed last year, this is to show how dangerous Zak Zaki would be to Nigeria as a nation if not stopped and monitored from now.

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