Monday, January 18, 2016

Oshiomhole Taunts Singer Over Wife

Singer Dare Art Alade has shown us how protective the governor can be when it comes to his delectable wife. Dare shared a throwback photo from his meeting with the couple, with funny lines of their conversation that day.

 “To Benin last September just after my performance, I went to greet Gov Oshiomole who had invited me to the event held in honor of Solomon Arase the IG of police and our gisting was too funny! Lemme caption this picture. ADAMS: Darey meet my wife Lara…DAREY: Nice to meet you (shakes hand)…ADAMS: Come oh Darey don’t shake her hand too much oh! ARASE: Excellency leave him…if him over shake I will shake him up! Police is your friend…we will be friendly with him…”

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