Friday, January 29, 2016

Starring in Surulere motivates me to aim high

Beverly NayaBritish-born Nigerian actress, Beverly Naya is presently enjoying her rising profile. And her latest movie, “Surulere (Patience pays)” from the stable of The Audrey Sylva Company (TASC) is a clear indication that she has upped the ante.Pundits believe that the movie will set her on the path for great things in 2016. Even as she assures that everyone will enjoy the movie and go away with one life lesson or the other. Speaking on what she considers to be the important message of the film directed by Mildred Okwo, Naya
says: “considering the story, quality and cast of the film, I’m super excited about what the rest of the year holds. The film motivates me to keep aiming high, to not only be consistent but to always give my fans something they would be proud of. Suru L’ere (Patience Pays) is a fantastic way to start the year for me; it sets the tone perfectly and gives people an idea of what’s to come. The movie opens at the cinemas in the second week of February. On her role in the movie, Naya who started her acting career in the United Kingdom at the age of 17 before staring in ‘Living in Exile’ (a movie produced by her mother), alongside star actor Desmond Elliot, explained that she played the role of an ambitious but laid back young girl, known as Omosigho. “Omosigho was a really interesting character to play. She is a young twenty something year old with a lot of big dreams, but unfortunately she does not have the zeal or dedication to actualise her dreams. She’s pretty lazy and always tries to take the easy way out, but eventually she is forced to realise that life doesn’t always work that way. The Ibusa, Delta State-born actress explained that discovering Omosigho’s funny elements and bringing them to life was a major challenge she faced in preparing for the movie. This, according to her, was because “I wanted to ensure that her funny moments were authentic and unforced and never overdone. In every scene, I had to remember that Omosigho genuinely believes she deserves all the good things in life without working hard for them, which in itself is hilarious. Thinking this way helped a lot in overcoming the challenge.”

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