Friday, February 26, 2016

Designer, Tommaso Gecchelin: Advanced Smart Transportation for 2020

Next : Advanced Smart Transportation System by Tommaso Gecchelin
We have featured Next, futuristic transportation system in 2012, now, the third version of this concept has been updated with better design and more advanced technology. Next is designed to
become modular self-driving vehicle where each module can join and detach to other modules on standard city roads. When 2 modules are joined, they create an open, bus-like area where passengers can stand and walk from one module to another. Designed in Italy, this project creates transportation that can be driven autonomously on regular roads. You can join one or more modules where doors between these modules would fold and create a walkable open space. The mechanism is the key feature that makes this project radically different to another existing projects such as Rinspeed Micromax, Hiriko folding cars, or other modular road train system based on new railways.

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