Thursday, February 18, 2016


A - One of the brekete family driver yesterday narrated his experience with some men who paraded themselves as Naval officers, but it was later revealed by police that they where car snatchers. The
brekete family driver said, he picked them like normal passengers from Area 11, Garki going to Dutse express, on getting to the dark Bannex Bridge, they ordered him to stop the car else they will deal with him mercilessly, he refuse and kept on driving on till they approach a safe area,he cleared and they jumped out of the car and started biting him, dragging the car key from him, but he refuse to release the car key for them. They dealt with him mercilessly and he sustained some bruises on his hands and fingers. He was saved by a passer-by who saw the situation and rescued him by chasing the criminals who paraded themselves as Naval officers, they later ran away into a small village close to bannex junction and the guy who rescued the driver, called on the police men and explain the situation to them and the police men took action and arrested the two of them, right now they are in the police custody, the case has been transferred to Jabi police station for further interrogations and the Force PRO promise to handle the case seriously so that the same situation will not occur again in FCT, and he advice Abuja drivers to report any situation related to such to the police any-time.

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