Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sajid Javid: I understand 'pointless petty' rules

Business Secretary Sajid Javid is speaking now at the British Chambers of Commerce annual conference. Mr Javid says that the Government's one in one out rule which sees one piece of red tape scrapped for every new piece of legislation will now be a one in three out rule, reports Kate McCann. He says there is a lot of red tape in local government so he is launching a review of how councils regulate small companies. "I grew up above the family business.
I know just how hard it is to make a business work", he says, adding that he understands "pointless petty" rules. Mr Javid says the UK benefits from the single market and EU external trade agreements. He says: "I've thought hard with my head- for business, for jobs, for growth, remaining in the EU is the best answer." Javid told the BCC audience that whether the UK votes to leave or remain in the EU we can't afford not to trade with near neighbours. We're on to questions now.

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