Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sturgeon: voters more likely to choose to stay in EU if politicians fight positive campaign

The SNP leader and Scotland's First Minister warned against scaremongering and said she does not want Scotland to become independent as a result of the UK deciding to leave. "People are not daft and we shouldn't treat people as if they are daft," she said.
"A lot of the scaremongering was overblown in the Scottish referendum, it will be overblown in this one, too. "I want to see the UK vote to stay in and I think that is more likely to happen if we engage in the positive benefits the EU brings in, as opposed to trying to insult people's intelligence with scare stories." It comes as David Cameron addressed fears that Scotland might leave the UK as a consequence of Britain detaching itself from the EU. "The truth of this is that this is a United Kingdom vote," he said. "We are one United Kingdom. The whole of the United Kingdom is either in the EU or out of it. "The Scots spoke very clearly in their referendum to stay in the United Kingdom. But it's quite clear there are politicians in Scotland saying that a referendum to leave the EU could put that under question again." Meanwhile, Boris Johnson responded to a row that has erupted over Eurosceptic ministers being denied full access to EU-related documents by Britain's top civil servant, Sir Jeremy Heywood. On a visit to Northern Ireland London's Mayor said: "What the public wants to see, what I want to see is total transparency. All information should be laid before the public; this is for the people to decide. "This is for everybody to make up their minds about. This is a once in a lifetime chance to get it right. The EU has changed out of all recognition, it's going in the wrong direction for the UK (and) now is the time to make a change."

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