Wednesday, June 15, 2016

HIJAB PALAVER: Drama As Students Wear Church Robes To School In Osun.

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) may have actualized their threat to direct their children to wear church robes to school should the state government allow the execution of an Osun State High court judgement giving legal rights to Muslims female students to wear hijab in Christian named public schools in the state.

 The appearance of students of Baptist High School, Iwo in their different church vestments caused confusion in the school as other students who were in their school uniform hailed them. Justice JideFalola of an Osun State High Court had on June 3 given a verdict that female Muslim students should be allowed to wear hijab in all public schools in the state because it is part of their fundamental rights. While the students, suspected to be Christians wore white garments sown into choir gowns stormed their classes without being prevented by their teachers, some female Muslim students who appeared in veil (hijab) equally gained access to the school without restriction.

 Some members of the Christian Association of Nigeria were in the school to monitor the reaction of the teachers to the strange mode of dressing of their children. Teachers were seen teaching every student despite the appearance of students in various types of robes. When our correspondent visited Salvation Army Middle School, Alekunwodo around 7:40am, Muslim female students who wore veil (hijab) were allowed assess to the school just as some members of Christian Association of Nigeria in the state were at the school gate to ensure that no Christian student was chased out of school if seen wearing choir garment.

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