Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No genetically modified organisms officially grown in Nigeria

The Minister of Environment, Mrs. Amina Mohammed has called on Nigerians not to panic over the current issue of Genetically Modified Organism GMO.

 The Minister who said presently no genetically modified organisms are officially grown in Nigeria stated that so far approval was given for field trials. She expressed confidence that with the National Bio-Safety Management Agency Act in place, Nigeria has taken laudable strides to adopt the necessary legal bio-safety framework and policy, bearing in mind that if Nigeria gets it right, it will guide other African countries.

 Mrs. Amina Mohammed said that over 20 Research Institutes, private biotechnology firms and universities are also players in the biotechnology sector. She gave the assurance that the NBMA would consider potential impacts of the GMO on human or animal health, the environment and the socio-economic effects before such is approved. She enjoined the citizenry to cooperate with the Federal Government in its quest to diversify the Nigerian economy for the present and future generations.

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