Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Northern CAN seeks arrest of dissident groups

Northern CAN seeks arrest of dissident groups
For building confusion, fomenting trouble, misunderstanding and division in the country, the Christian Association of Nigeria (19 Northern States and the Federal Capital Territory), on Monday called on security agencies to arrest members of “two dissident groups”, Concerned Christians of Nigeria (CCN) and Northern Nigerian Christians (NNC), which have allegedly claimed to have pulled out of CAN.
Speaking with journalists in Abuja on behalf of other Northern State Chairmen of CAN, the Borno State Chairman of CAN, Bishop Mohammed Abubakar Naga, denied any division among the 19 Northern States and FCT. He said, “We don’t know them. It is not in the constitution, they are supposed to be apprehended by security agencies because they are just trying to forment trouble, misunderstanding and division in the country. They should be arrested because they are building confusion in the country. Nigeria has had enough troubles, what is going on is enough for Nigerians. “It is not true that Christians in Northern Nigeria have broken away from CAN. Those people who said they have pulled out from CAN are not representing anybody because they are not representing States or zones. All of us in the 19 states in Northern Nigeria and FCT were there during the election in Abuja where Dr. Supo Samson Ayokunle was elected as President of CAN. “The 20 representatives of each state and FCT, 20 of us who constitute the chairmen of each state and FCT voted. All of us voted, we therefore wonder where they were. I mean those people who are saying they have broken away from CAN. They are on their own.“They are saying what they feel they could say to bring confusion in the body of Christ. They are not representing Northern Nigeria, they are not representing zones and they are not representing States. In fact, in the constitution of CAN, there is nothing like Northern CAN or Southern CAN. We are one and CAN is CAN. There is no delegate to be produced by South or candidates to be produced by North. “What we know is that there are five blocks in CAN and each block has to produce a candidate. That is all, they call themselves Concerned Christians of Nigeria (CCN) and Northern Nigerian Christians (NNC). For us, there is nothing like that. That is our position and it has never changed.” According to him, those who were peddling such rumours and falsehood were agents of disunity who want to cause crisis in the body of Christ. He said all the statutory leaders of CAN in Northern Nigeria, including the Zonal and State Chairmen were all present during the CAN election. Naga said, “The election was peacefully conducted. It has been one of the peaceful elections conducted. So, the election was sincere and honest. Pulling out of CAN? There is nothing of that nature. Those who are saying this are just agents of division and disunity. We are their representatives and nobody speak on our behalf, except we sit there as executives of Northern CAN.”

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