Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sultan tells herdsmen to stop destroying farms in Nigeria

Sultan tells herdsmen to stop destroying farms
The Sultan of Sokoto and Grand Patron MIYETTI Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Sa’ad Abubakar III, yesterday advised herders against allowing their livestock to destroy farm crops, even as he maintained that such should not however be a reason for violence.
The Sultan who is also the President General, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), gave the advice when the National President of MIYETTI Allah, and Ardon Zuru, Muhammadu Kiruwa paid him a courtesy call. According to the Sultan, rather than resorting to violence because herders invaded a particular farm, the farmers with the owners of such cattle should find a way of reaching amicable resolution either by getting paid the value of the destroyed crops or otherwise. The traditional cum religious leader further divulged that, Nigerians should also understand that, it’s not every herder that is Fulani, just as not all Fulanis are herders. While commenting on the effort of the federal government in setting up a committee to help sensitise the Fulanis and farmers on certain issues that concern them, especially the grazing reserve and cattle ranch, the Sultan urged Nigerians to understand that the Fulani man is a lover of peace and peaceful coexistence any time, any where.He however lamented that there are bad bag eggs in every society, hence the need to stop blackmailing any set of people as troublesome. “We appreciate the fact that a committee of this nature is being formed to help in taking broader measures to ensure that both Fulanis and Farmers are sensitized on certain issues,’’ he said. “These incessant clashes doesn’t only affect just the herders and farmers but the entire country. And we will never relent in sensitizing the people. “The issue is gradually taking another dimension. Hence is looking as if Fulanis don’t want to live in peace with people while the opposite is the case. “Fulanis has never been known for violence rather peaceful coexistence with host communities. “But one basic thing Nigerians should note is that there are herders who are not Fulanis just as there are Fulanis who are not herders.”

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