Monday, September 21, 2015


The DG of Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) Dr. Odumodu, on Saturday 19th September, during the Radio Nigeria’s interactive programme on radio, explained some of the levels of activities of Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). During the interview, he highlighted two levels of activities which SON is currently involved in, which is working close with the International Accredited Firms and working close with the Ports and Boarders. He also gave an insight on the expiration dates of some popular products in Nigeria like cement; he explained that every cement product expires within six (6) months from the date of production. Some electrical and electronics products that are imported into the country without a detailed address of the manufacturers are fake. He opened the eyes of Nigerians about importers who formed the habit of pasting the Standard Organization of Nigeria’s certified logo on their imported goods, that they are all fake and that those importers are devising means to confuse their customer by pasting those stickers on their product. Dr. Odumodu said that SON is online at, Nigerians can send their complaints and report through email on the online platform, SON has offices in all the 36 states. He concluded by saying that Nigerians need more enlightenment and orientations in other to identify more sub-standard products in the country and that SON is ready to continue an enlightenment programmes on radio and TV to sanitize Nigerian product market and also make standard work in Nigeria.

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