Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Palm vein concept is one of the upcoming biometrics technology. It is the world’s first contactless personal identification system that uses the vein patterns in human palms to confirm a person’s identity. It is highly secure and accurate. The contact less feature gives it a hygienic advantage over other biometric authentication technologies. It uses the vascular patterns of an individual’s palm as personal identification data. biometric authentication technology, which identifies people by their unique biological information. BIOMETRIC FEATURESIt becomes obsolete to beware passwords safely or to remember to all of them. Abuse of stolen id cards and passports will be reduced enormously. Abuse of stolen credit cards will be prevented. Taking over foreign identities will be impossible. Building access right to people without the right of admittance will be prevented. Access to devices/computers will be not possible for persons without the right of admittance. Unnecessary costs will be drastically reduced. Level of common convenience and safety will grow.

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