Monday, March 21, 2016

Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday, Starting Holy Week

Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus Christ's entrance into Jerusalem, when his followers laid palm branches in his path.Roman Catholic devotees wave palm fronds to be blessed by a priest to commemorate Palm Sunday which marks the beginning of Holy Week Sunday.
For Christians, Palm Sunday marks Jesus Christ's entrance into Jerusalem when his followers laid palm branches in his path, prior to his crucifixion. Christian priests, some holding palm fronds participate in the traditional Palm Sunday procession on the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem's Old City, on March 20, 2016.

Here in Nigeria, Assistant Parish Priest, Church of Assumption, Chongo-Pyel, Jos, Rev. Fr. Anthony Chukwuemeka, has urged Nigerian leaders to emulate the leadership style of Jesus Christ. The cleric said this while delivering a sermon to mark the celebration of Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday, also known as “Passion Sunday, ” is celebrated by Catholics, worldwide, to mark the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem.

Chukwuemeka said the kingship of Christ brought love, peace, unity, tranquility and salvation to the world, adding that there was a need for those in leadership positions to emulate this.He said Christ was truly a king, yet his kingship was not anchored on wealth accumulation, siphoning of public funds and killing of innocent people for personal gains. ”Today we have seen how people heralded Jesus, calling him King and Messiah. ”He entered Jerusalem on a donkey rather than a horse to show the difference between his kind of kingship and that of the world; to bring peace and salvation to humanity. ”A donkey in Jewish tradition signifies peace, love, kindness and royalty; these are the virtues which Jesus’ style of leadership was built on. ”So our leaders, both political and religious, must emulate Christ as they steer the affairs of this nation. ”They must take after Jesus who uses his kingship to exalt humanity and right the ills of the society. ”If our leaders will shun corruption, primitive accumulation, religious bigotry, ethnic jingoism and sectionalism and embrace truthfulness, our nation will be great,” he said. The cleric further cautioned leaders to jettison personal interests and put the interest of their followers at the fore by sacrificing for them.

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